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Shower installations and more with Trowbridge plumbers

Long gone are the days when the bath was the sole means of relaxation. In the modern era the shower is increasingly being used as a means of relaxation as well as a means of simply cleaning. For years our highly-trained plumbers have been assisting the people of Trowbridge with a variety of shower installations to suit their particular needs. Some people choose manual or thermostatic shower valves for their bathroom fitter to install and some choose electric.  When it comes to installing electric showers, all our plumbers are Part P Defined Scope qualified meaning that you can be sure your solution will be from an expertly trained professional. Of course, our work is not simply limited to electrical installations, far from it. All our plumbers have the experience and training to complete any installation. If you have a shower-bath, we can assist you with installing a manual mixer shower and which attaches to your hot and cold water supply already in your bathroom. We can then recommend a brand, style and finish that suits your desires. With years of experience working with trusted brands such as Triton, Mira, Grohe, Bristan etc., you can be sure that we will be know the perfect solution to fulfill your shower dreams. Of course, all our local Trowbridge plumbers are very proud of all the work they complete. We have a very basic standard at Trowbridge Plumbers: do unto others as you’d do unto yourself. In other words, we know we would want a high quality product and finish at our property, so we know you would want one too. That’s why all our plumbers carry out installations efficiently and effectively to ensure that your shower is installed and raring to go as soon as possible. However, as with any plumbing work, the installation is only half the job. The part which is almost as important is the finish of your wet-room or bathroom. After all, what good is a working shower if it makes your shower room look shoddy and unwelcoming; this is the place you want to relax! All our professional plumbers can complete all installations to whatever finish you desire and we’ve no doubt that at the end of the job, you’ll understand why the reputation of Trowbridge Plumbers is so high. Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote and we can arrange a date for installation at a time convenient for you.