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Powerflushing pump adaptor on Vaillant boiler

Hand on heart, we’ve powerflushed hundreds of properties big and small.  Fifteen years ago powerflushing was pretty much all we did in the winter, but these days I like to vary my work a bit more.  

Still, if you want a powerflush done by a team with a lot of experience of how systems work, where the likely problem points are and all that good stuff, please give us a call.

We use a Kamco machine for residential work, which is more than enough for most properties.  Larger work can be taken on but would need a site visit beforehand.

The cost of a powerflush starts at £395.  

Power flush your heating system

That’s me on the left, back in the day that two of us did ONLY powerflushing, four days a week at least, all over the south-west and London.

Power Flushing FAQ

Is a power flush worth the money?

How Long Does A Powerflush Last?

It depends.  For example, if your system is just not working properly and circulation issues are the problem, then yes.  Certainly it can help when done properly.  I consider part of my task to establish if it is actually appropriate. 

As long as it’s done right in the first place, and as long as corrosion
inhibitor is added regularly, a powerflush should last at least five years. 

Is Power flushing a good idea?

Does A Powerflush always work?

I’m biased, so yes.  But if I don’t think you need it, or if something else should be done before, or as well, you will know before any work is done.  If, during the course of a powerflush, something comes up that could not have been foreseen, we advise you of the best course of action. 

No.  Just 99% of the time.  That’s our success rate.  If we don’t fix the problem, then we don’t charge.