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Bathroom Remodelling in Warminster

This bathroom remodel in a Warminster house added a walk-in shower.  

The job included strip-out, all tiling, new toilet, new vanity basin in grey (looks nice), modified drain, glass panel to the floor and a wall-mounted seat.

The job took three weeks with a labour cost of £4,500.

Bathroom Renovation in Bath

This job was a little different than a run of the mill bathroom remodel.

After  stripping-out the old bathroom it was immediately obvious that the floor neede reinforcing. Once done , the bath needed to go in before I could use my carpentry skills to build a bespoke cupboard.  A small false wall was also made to hide the basin pipework (which looks great!, btw).

The tiling on this one took a long time to do.  Each of those small tiles needed to be cut by hand and boy were they tricky, but still I got there in the end and the 35 year old couple are very happy with the result.

I think that the customer made some great choices with their brassware (taps, towel radiator, toilet holder) and the overall effect is to lighten up and completely change the look of a fairly small bathroom.

New electrics in the bathroom were arranged and in total the job took four weeks, with labour and misc materials cost of £7500