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The Perfect Shower with your local Trowbridge Plumbers

If you’re in the market for a new shower, as a stand-alone job or as part of a bathroom refurbishment there may be more things to consider than you’ve first thought about, and that’s why we want to offer you some great advice straight from our Trowbridge Plumbers team themselves. Firstly you’ll want to consider whether you want an electric or a mixer shower. Electric showers take water from your system and heat it via a heating unit in the shower itself, meaning that you’ll never run out of how water. They also tend to be quite economical with their water usage, as the water is hot from the moment you turn the shower on. Mixer showers take hot and cold water from your boiler itself and mix these to create the different temperatures – of course, here you will have to wait for the boiler to heat more water if you’ve run out, and so may waste some water at the start of the shower. There are then additional shower features to consider. For example, you can get thermostatic showers which prevent irregular temperature spikes (i.e. scalding or freezing) when someone, for example, turns on a tap somewhere else in the house. This is a particularly useful feature for homes with children or elderly family members and is available in both electric and mixer showers. There are also many economic showers available, that use less water and save you money on bills in the future – Trowbridge Plumbers finds that these are often worth the investment as they tend to be not much more expensive than regular showers. In a new installation you should also look for a quality shower tray, as poor quality trays can lead to cracks and water damage in the future. Whichever shower you choose, be sure to book a fast, professional installation with Trowbridge Plumbers today.